Woodland Primary Report

December 2012

TO:                 Michael Green, Superintendent
Mark Houk    
RE:                 WPS MONTHLY UPDATE

WPS Gym Activity
Visitors to our gym for our Veterans' Day Assembly and Holiday Programs were sure to notice significant upgrades throughout.  This Fall, staff volunteers (and some of their spouses) designed and painted much of our gym - giving it a fresh, school themed look.

At the same time, our district through Paul Huddleston, Bill Hanson, and Stacy Brown arranged for brand new glass-backboard baskets throughout our gym.

These two improvements along with the can't miss huge Beaver "Kit" logo on the exterior entry of our building have really added an updated feeling to this part of our facility!  Kristi Olson, Cyndy Grayson, Carey Sweyer and others spent hours organizing and doing the painting - and special thanks to Mr. Craig Olson, Paul Huddleston, and Mr. Duane Beckwith for installing backboard hardware!

Veteran's Day Assembly/Holiday Program
Once again, these two events hosted by WPS were OUTSTANDING in both the quality, preparation, and meaning modeled for our students and community.  Students were highly engaged in the performances and did our school proud all around!

Staff/Volunteer Teams were terrific with our students in organizing all pieces of these productions!

School Safety
Of course things are changing in terms of our thoroughness in this area.  We are reflecting, changing some areas right away, and noting all staff, student, and community thoughts on what can make our school safer.  Over holiday, many locking mechanisms were fine-tuned or replaced as necessary, and we are really focusing on exterior door locking, moving students around school via interior routes, and staff practicing and debriefing safety protocols - daily adjustments are being made.