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School Board
Sarah Stuart  
Janice Watts  
Lesa Beuscher  
Matt Donald  
Steve Madsen  
Michael Green 360.841.2700
Admin Team
Asha Riley Assistant Superintendent/Yale Principal 360.841.2700
Ingrid Colvard WPS Principal 360-841-2900
Denise Pearl WIS Principal 360.841.2750
James Johnston WMS Principal 360.841.2850
Angela Campbell WMS Assistant Principal & Athletic Director 360.841.2850
John Shoup WHS Principal 360.841.2800
Dan Uhlenkott WHS Assistant Principal 360.841.2800
Paul Huddleston Athletic Director 360.841.2800
Jake Hall Executive Director of Learning Supports and Alternatives 360.841.2720
Stacy Brown Business Manager 360.841.2710
Scott Landrigan Director of Facilities and Safety 360.841.2741
Steve Rippl Technology Director 360.841.2730
District Office
District Office 360.841.2700
Vicky Barnes HR Manager/Distict Office Manager 360.841.2702
Nicole Galloway Executive Secretary 360.841.2703
Sarah Hadaller District Office Secretary / Teaching & Learning Secretary 360.841.2708
Kim Gustainis District Office Secretary / Learning Supports and Alternatives Secretary


Business Office
Stephanie Patterson Accounts Payable 360.841.2710
Tanya Price Payroll 360.841.2712
Mary Gleason Payroll/Benefits Specialist 360.841.2713
Jody Brentin District Registrar 360.841.2707
School Offices
Primary School 360.841.2900
Yale School 360.841.2950
Intermediate School 360.841.2750
Middle School 360.841.2850
High School 360.841.2800
TEAM School 360.841.2740

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Woodland School District forms for filing complaints or grievances are linked here.