Evaluation of Superintendent Process and Timeline

Each year the School Board evaluates the performacne of the Superintendent of Schools.

The purpose of this agenda item is to discuss the history, timeline, and process for evaluation for the current year.

The agreement between the Superintendent and the Board states:

EVALUATION AND EXTENSION OF CONTRACT: The Board shall evaluate the Superintendent’s performance at least annually, in accordance with board policy, and no later than March 1 of each contract year, with the results of said evaluation made known to the Superintendent.
The Board evaluation of the Superintendent’s performance shall reference annual goals and objectives for the Superintendent which shall be discussed and agreed upon by the Board and Superintendent by August 1 of each year for the coming school year.
No later than April 1, of each contract year, the Board will review the Superintendent’s employment status to determine whether to offer the Superintendent an extended contract or, alternatively, to allow the present contract to continue toward its expiration date. If no action is taken by the board, the contract shall be deemed to have been renewed for an additional year.
The Board will also, by May 30, determine whether an increase shall be made in the annual salary and/or other compensation for the Superintendent. Any increase in annual salary and other compensation made during the life of this contract shall be in the form of an amendment and shall become a part of this contract.

Relevant  policy and forms are found here:

Policy 1630:  http://www.woodlandschools.org/alt/policies/1000%20Board%20of%20Directors/1630%20Evaluation%20of%20the%20Superintendent.htm

Proceedure 1630: http://www.woodlandschools.org/alt/policies/1000%20Board%20of%20Directors/1630P%20Procedure.htm

Form 1630: http://www.woodlandschools.org/alt/policies/1000%20Board%20of%20Directors/1630F%20Form.htm