Determination of Scope of New WHS Proposal

McGranahan Architects will present input to the board based on what was learned at the Design Symposium.   Following is an outline of their planned agenda:


Design Symposium Follow Up

§   Brief review of who attended and the activities that occurred.

§   Review of design concepts from group design exercise.  Highlight key concepts that were consistent between groups.

§   Review of results of priority exercise.

§  Identify areas where dots were concentrated

§  Confirm that the compulsory aspects are givens

§  Share global observations:

§  The community wants to be connected to the school.

§  The community is willing to invest a bit more for better quality, but they want to get value for that investment.

§  The attendees at the symposium encouraged the board to consider investing in more scope now, rather than deferring it to a later bond.

Current Status of Bond Planning

§   Program reconciliation:

§  Number and type of teaching stations has been confirmed.

§  Ancillary spaces and related area are still being resolved.

§  We currently project a building that is 10-12,000 sf larger than was previously assumed.

§   Cost:

§  We have confirmed that the cost per square foot allowance used to project the target cost for the building, $255/sf, is reasonable for the quality expectations.

§  We are in the process of developing costs for site development. Initial indications are that the onsite costs will be $1-2 million higher than originally projected. 


Items for Board Consideration

§   Is the potentially increased building area acceptable or do we need to look for reductions in scope?

§   Is the potentially higher cost (from larger area and higher site costs) acceptable or do we need to look for reductions in scope to keep it the budget where it was originally anticipated?

§   Does the board want to consider including additional scope at this time:

§  Grandstand

§  Sports Fields

§  Performing Arts Center

§  Allowance of area for shared activity spaces.


Attached Files:
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