Hearing on Resolution 2548 amending Resolution 2411


Resolution 2411 was adopted by the board on June 17, 1996.  It authorized the presentation to voters of the bond that funded the construction and equipping of a new elementary school, re-siting of portables from the primary to the HS, and other capital improvements to other sites and parking lots.

There are about $35,000 in funds remaining in the capital projects fund from this bond issuance.  Expenditure of these funds are restricted by resolution 2411 to those identified above.   There is a process, defined in statute, to amend the original resolution and authorize use of these funds for other projects.  This process must occur at two different board meetings.  At the first the board must hold a hearing on the amendment.  At the second meeting (December 19th) the board can adopt the amendement (Resolution 2548)

Adoption of the resolution will authorize the use of these bond funds for planning and development costs associated with the new WHS.

The amending Resolution 2548 is attached.



RCW 28A.530.020

Bond issuance — Election — Resolution to specify purposes.


(1) The question whether the bonds shall be issued, as provided in RCW 28A.530.010, shall be determined at an election to be held pursuant to RCW 39.36.050. If a majority of the votes cast at such election favor the issuance of such bonds, the board of directors must issue such bonds: PROVIDED, That if the amount of bonds to be issued, together with any outstanding indebtedness of the district that only needs a simple majority voter approval, exceeds three-eighths of one percent of the value of the taxable property in said district, as the term "value of the taxable property" is defined in RCW 39.36.015, then three-fifths of the votes cast at such election must be in favor of the issuance of such bonds, before the board of directors is authorized to issue said bonds.

     (2) The resolution adopted by the board of directors calling the election in subsection (1) of this section shall specify the purposes of the debt financing measure, including the specific buildings to be constructed or remodeled and any additional specific purposes as authorized by RCW 28A.530.010. If the debt financing measure anticipates the receipt of state financing assistance under chapter 28A.525 RCW, the board resolution also shall describe the specific anticipated purpose of the state assistance. If the school board subsequently determines that state or local circumstances should cause any alteration to the specific expenditures from the debt financing or of the state assistance, the board shall first conduct a public hearing to consider those circumstances and to receive public testimony. If the board then determines that any such alterations are in the best interests of the district, it may adopt a new resolution or amend the original resolution at a public meeting held subsequent to the meeting at which public testimony was received.

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