TEAM High Report

To:         Michael Green
From:    Dan Uhlenkott
RE:        TEAM High School Update
Date:     March 8, 2011        

Our staff has been gearing up for the Writing and Reading HSPE this last month or two.   We predict our scores will be around 70% due to absenteeism and apathy.  If our prediction comes true we, along with the students, will be highly disappointed.  Jim has spent countless hours on the weekends, as well as on the weekdays, working with these students to help them be successful.  We are hoping for the best but are braced for reality. 

Our two middle school students are progressing.  One is not doing well academically but is finally compliant with our rules and procedures.  This student has taken a considerable amount of energy but we are witnessing small gains.  The other student is doing well.  He is academically focused and is making the most of his opportunity.  It is possible that by June 1 he will have completed all of his eighth grade curriculum.

The new TEAM High School portable is ready to be occupied.  Our moving date is March 18.  Thanks to the school board for appropriating the funds to make this happen.  Also instrumental in this endeavor was Michael, Bill Hanson and Steve Rippl and Stacy Brown.  We are very excited and thankful for the opportunity.