Yale Report

TO:                 Michael Green, Superintendent
Mark Houk    

Of course weather these last few days of February has been a factor around our entire school district, with the impact compounded up Yale way.  Our leadership is cognizant of conditions both in Woodland and upriver to and past the Yale School. 

My compliments to KWRL, and our district folks for working to best understand and make decisions that will keep students safe

Enrollment is holding at a steady 38 students these past two months - just this week, we pre-enrolled 6 KG students we are counting on for next Fall.  We are also working on enrollment contacts with 4-5 more potential KG students going into next Fall.  

Looking Forward

The Yale School will be taking an all-school Field Trip into Portland in early March.

PTO collected proceeds from the most recent Family Movie Night will fund much of this trip!  Highlights will include:  A visit to the Oregon Symphony for a special performance, and a tour of the downtown Fort Vancouver Public Library (where our Bookmobile originates).