WMS Report

Date:            2/28/11

To:                 Michael Green, Superintendent
From:           Cari Thomson
RE:                 WMS Summary of Teaching and Learning - February

Monday mornings in February have been devoted to department time, Student-led conferences, and WHS/WIS forecasting.  During February and March the forecasting for both incoming and outgoing WMS students will continue. 

WMS sponsored two "no-bully" weeks in February.  Both weeks have in-class education about bullying.  The first week focused on victims and bystanders.  The second week focused on cyber-bullying and Officer Gillespie from WPD came and provided information to students. 

February was also CTE month.  The business frameworks have all been approved for the next cycle.  Additionally, Office Communications was added as a CTE course.  Additional CTE classes for students to forecast for are a second early childhood course and Primary Mentor. 

WMS is also starting to train staff and students for on-line MSP training.  We are working with the technology department and WIS as they are embarking on their first year of on-line testing.