Special Services Report

Date:  February 2011

To:  Michael Green
From:  Deb Kernen
Re:  February Monthly Special Services Report

Partners in Transition Program Update

In looking ahead and consulting with ESD I am recommending that Woodland assume ownership of the Partners in Transition program by implementing the following changes next year:

We will be looking at serving the following students next year:

2-Ridgefield, 2-Hockinsen, 2-Kalama, 4-LaCenter, 2-3-Woodland

We will be looking at moving D'Ann Horrocks over to run the program full time and then need to post her current position.  We anticipate requiring at least three 6 hour IA positions that we would post. 

Here is the timeline for the program:

  • January-Applications will be provided and completed by the parents and teachers in each district
  • February-D'Ann, Deb & ESD Sp Ed Coordinator (Michelle Murer) will complete classroom observations of these students to ensure they are appropriate candidates for the program and finalized staffing needs.
  • March-ESD business manager/director & WSD business manager/director meet to confirm contractual details.
  • March-Post staffing positions/hire
  • April-June-Conduct re-evaluations & IEP meetings for all incoming students

The billing/program model will be similar to the contract that Fir Grove has with the surrounding districts.  Woodland will acquire the basic education funding while the resident district acquires the special education funding.  That way they are able to apply for safety net and we will be able to maintain a cost neutral situation for the district. 

We will bill the resident for the costs of running the program.  These costs will include all staffing, house rent and utilities, use of district vans, and supplies and materials.  We will be able to adjust the billing to other districts based on our expenses and numbers of students participating.  The resident district is responsible for state assessments, providing current IEP's and conducting re-evaluations.  If a student has not participated in graduation in the resident district prior to entering into the Partners in Transition program they will return to the resident district in June during the year  they reach the age of 21 to participate in graduation ceremonies. 

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