WMS Report

Date:            1/28/11
To:                 Michael Green, Superintendent
From:           Cari Thomson
RE:                 WMS Summary of Teaching and Learning - janauary

Monday mornings in January have been devoted to department time, forecasting for next year, and Navigation 101 lessons.  During February and March the forecasting for both incoming and outgoing WMS students will continue. 

WMS has also been getting ready for the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) testing in March.  More information on this federal test can be found at the following website:   http://nces.ed.gov/nationsreportcard/

The WMS/WHS Integrated I teachers have been meeting on common assessments and spending time observing peer lessons.  The feedback from the group has been very positive.  Ms. Riley and Ms. Schneider have done a nice job facilitating this endeavor. 

Jeff Nesbitt, our administrative intern has begun facilitating a book study for interested K-8 staff on bullying.  The book ties in nicely with Leadership and the Art of Self-Deception, which our BLT is currently reading.

January was a quick month!  Finals are over and a new semester upon us.