Yale Report

Mark Houk, Principal

November 1, 2010

TO:                 Michael Green, Superintendent
Mark Houk    

As you have heard, Yale School's year-over-year progress on the 4th grade WASL/MSP has garnered unexpected, but deserved, attention from OSPI and Phi Delta Kappa.

This Friday, our school will receive one of  only 5 statewide "Apple Awards" for their progress last year!  Additionally, the Washington State Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa is honoring the Yale School as a "School of Distinction" for last year.

As a result of being named an "Apple Award" recipient, the Yale School will be granted a $25,000 award to go towards a capital project and/or acquisition of something of benefit for the Yale School.  The STUDENTS are in charge of identifying and selecting the items to be purchased with the funds!

Congratulations to students and staff of the Yale School - we are proud of you as I know you must be proud of this accomplishment and recognition!

A tradition at the Yale School is the annual Pumpkin Search, and Halloween Carnival.

During the Pumpkin Search, parents arrive at school while students are in class and hide pumpkins all around and about the playground area - then students find the pumpkin their parent hid for them.  A grand time is had by all!  This year the Carnival was particularly well-attended as well!