Results from Community Survey Regarding location of new WHS

There has been a reasonably good response from the postcard survey of members of the community relative to the location for a new WHS High School.  6236 surveys were sent out.  As of November 19th 463 responses had been received.   This was a 7.42% return rate.  48 responded "No Preference" (10.37%),   245 responded "favor Dike Access Road site" (52.91%),  170 responded "Favor existing site" (36.72%), and 1 responded "Favor building a new high Middle school on existing site."

No Preference: N=48

Would like to see a new primary school and move the middle school to the primary-would cost less and the small children would have bus service.

Work on the buildings you have-why-Kids can't read and write when they get out of school-start teaching them.

No new school! Not the time for even thinking or asking about new school w/ 30 students in classes at 4th grade and rumor that it will be that way at lower grades next year w/ budget cuts.

Now is not the time 2 try 2 pass anymore school bonds/taxes. Wait until the economy changes. Then try 2 build a new school.

We just need a new school any way you look at it.

No. Times are hard now. Do more homeschooling! No-No new taxes. Use internet-homeschooling. Cost effective. You need to learn to live within existing budget. No new levies or taxes!

No. Why should I send my kids to a school surrounded by commercial/industrial buildings and bad traffic issues. Build Athletic fields on Dike Access. Take existing land and expand school or make high school 2 story. The school board is "blinded" by Dike Rd land and not looking at other options.

I don't have children attending; not really familiar w/ depth of issues. Expect responsible review by school board and the decision-makers in the know, since you'll want my tax dollars.

I already pay too much in taxes and the traffic impact is the same either way.

I have no children in school and don't understand all the details.

I believe the unused properties such as coca cola or trailer plan could be used for bus maintenance or shop classes.

New facility is not the only option=too costly. TEAM High & other branches should be explored (exported?) it is a way to take the number of students at the crowded facility down while creating a more personalized educational environment.

What ever would be the most cost efficient.

No new school!!! We do not need another school. use what you have. Taxpayers can't afford it anymore!

In the 4 years you say it will take there will at least double times the kids in High School.  Pick a place and get going. My child is a freshman. I want his years at High School go (good?) ones not crowded. Why is it taking so long? This town is growing every day.

A different site but not Dike site.

Let's just build an adequate fully modern school-Soon! Ground breaking spring 2012.

School Board more qualified to location. They know about school requirements than I do.

I think the school district needs to look at a 3rd option.; a new site.  Pleas call Jason Hathaway (360) 225-9217

I don't believe the community can afford 50+ millions at this time

I am 25 and don't have kids in school.

Whatever is best for the students & the city. Either site works for us.

I don't like either site. Should move to site where 4-6 Grades are and enlarge.  Move 4-6 grades to present High School with Middle School.

Kellar corner dba-r. Ross Rd N side of SR 503, so it's less likely to flood.

I just don't have enough information re, which choice is the best! Need more facts!

There are good & not so good ideas on each building site.

Although I live in the Woodland School District my child lives in Brush Prairie and attends Prairie HS.

Existing site: dumb; Dike Access site: Dumber; Do ;you people realize how many homes are being repo'd, lost jobs means no new schools!

Who is going to pay for all this!! We can't hardly afford our present taxes on our own property.

There is no economy to support a $55 mil HS in Woodland. Bus them to Ridgefield! You people are not very smart.

No building at all. No bonds to build!

I would vote NO on either location, due to economy.

*No new high school!! Use WIS as High School and use other facility for middle/intermediate. No more increases to our property taxes!!!

Both locations have + and -'s, I will vote for either as we need a new school.

Pleas just build a new high school! It is very much needed.

I don't think there is enough information given to make an intelligent conclusion.

I'm in favor of not building a new school. What is the matter with the one we have now and do updates on (remodel) and add ones and maybe even a second level. Why waste tax payers money when all they want is for our children to get a great  education. It's not about bragging rights its about education. If Battle Ground did so can Woodland. So Mr. Green we don't need to purchase another piece of land or even tear down the existing school. What we need is REMODELS UP GRADES, MORE TEACHERS, NEW BOOKS, THINGS AND STUFF TO HELP EDUCATE OUR CHILDREN. Kind of like that house that was purchased early this year or late last year. What was that for? Was that to help our children's education? I highly doubt it. That should be sold. That should never been able to be bought with our tax money. The citizens of Woodland and surrounding area should of had say so in that. Also, I think Woodland schools needs to be budgeted and have to answer to the public more than they are, cuz a lot of money is getting wasted; and it's not being put on our children's education. For instance, these surveys and phone calls and emails I have gotten; that could be books, computers, paper, teachers. I'm saying quit wasting our money and put in the right places; our children and do upgrades on the existing buildings you have. Sincerely Tracy.

I see the benefits and drawbacks of both sites. Not really fond of school being located near Walmart though!

Dike site: would give access for a complete new facility & sport fields, but possible flooding. School has served well in its present location. The new location may be prone to flood.

Existing site: no. I pay for your kids and get no right (write) offs. Dike site: no. Big money taxes for your kids. They give me nothing. I am against. Pay for your own kids.  I have none. And don't care either way. Give me credit every year, then I'll agree.

Move grades 7 & 8 to new location near middle school. Build school. Keep high school @ present location and remodel as necessary inc. community swimming pool. Sell Dike Access road property to achieve some of this.

A high school should have been built. Instead of the Intermediate School like the residents of Woodland wanted.

Existing site: no. Dike site: no. It's the economy... We do not favor building any new high school.

Existing site: No. I do not. A senior trying to make it!! Dike site: same as above. No more taxes.

Switch HS w/ WIS and build up at WIS for High School.

Let's get this DONE & not turn into another POOL disaster! I was told that the "NEW SITE" will NOT include the wood/metal/flower shops. Busin students will present PROBLEMS & the shops are needed.  The railroad tracks and high school students in cars is a huge hazard. Is Walmart open 24//7 a good neighbor? The cost to taxpayers is a big deal but education  is so important that a "new school" is a MUST!

Existing: Is the cost of moving the bus barn included in the estimate to build on site? What will happen to the site purchased on Dike Rd? Dike site: Do we get better funding if we build on this site from WA State? I favor this if we are making good use of the exisiting site. I still need answers before-

Existing: Cost will be at least 3-times higher than your low figure. That side of town is TO-O-O Congrested now! Dike site: About where is it located? City/County is/has already complained about the traffic there! Cost will be ten times your figure. If money was no problem, I'd build it WAY out of town-like the school on Lewis River Rd.  I'm 73 yrs old & am not interested in higher taxation for any school.

Prefer Dike Access N=245

For all reasons listed...We need room for future expansion & we need to move the high schoolers away from the middle schoolers

It's good to keep Hi School away from other levels. The building is too old!

Less traffic congestion.

I believe that the expansion issue is a major consideration.

Downtown area too congested at present, let alone in the future. Existing site limits future expansion. Where would portables go when needed? Space for expansion when needed, better traffic flow. Will free up existing site for Primary & Middle School expansion. High School needs to stand alone-away from Primary and Middle Schools.

Traffic in downtown needs to be reduced.

Though initial costs are higher-Woodland needs to be able to grow and opens options for  future additions to school site. Very concerned that new site won't include vocational facilities-We need to provide an education for all kids, not just the small % of students going on to college.

Already a significant investment made in property. The issues with the old site were already discussed prior to this purchase.  The 2 million difference in cost estimate is not significant enough compared to future expansion possibilities. The "wetlands" claim is bogus. It is drained farmland-all of it.  That is how it was sold to the School District. Put the athletic fields on that.  Leaves Bus facility in place. Leaves existing facilities for community and future expansion. To force the taxpayers who have purchased Woodland Bottoms farmland to now provide the Corp of Engineers & DOE more "wetlands" is ludicrous. Fight it.

Seems to be a better place for inevitable growth.

The Woodland Public School is growing, so are families. Traffic access will be improved. Retail/Fast food chains will thrive.

Room for expansion and better traffic flow.

Need room to expand. Existing site maxed out on space.

A new place is better. Room for more expansion!

Too busy at existing site for growth.

We are growing. Expansion for school athletics, sports & activities is so needed. Yes, we'll have to fight for it but our future is in what we have for the students.

More room. Primary & Middle School can use existing HS instead of rebuilding in future saving money in the long run.

Future growth demands this space. We must expand.

We need a new high school to accommodate our growing population!

Woodland will continue to grow, and the current site has limited traffic access. More space for future school growth at Dike Access.

Space for future expansion!

A new place is better-There is room for more expansion if needed.

Space for future expansion-not enough space available at current site.

Not enough room at the existing site to do it properly.

We need the room. My only complaint is the wetlands.  The school property has no more wetland than Walmart or any other business in that area. I believe the school should fight to use all of the ground.

New facility with more room to expand. Location is great for us. Old school can be used by Middle School to expand.

Will cost less in the long run-no relocation of school bus facilities-no replacement of sewer pump stations.

Woodland schools need more room to expand (accommodate) for growth and sports fields are important to the community & students.

We need more space!

Traffic flow.

Better traffic control, closed campus (safer for students). Space for growth.

Space for future expansion as Woodland grows.

Because it leaves room to grow. We will grow and it seems the best idea.

Best for the future, the growth of the city, high school traffic out to the edge of town, sports, events, etc.

Though there are challenges with the site, we would 'outgrow' the present site much faster!

Better for traffic. Doesn't lose athletic space. I think we should build an elementary on the new site, make the primary a MS again and remodel the current high school.

More value for dollar. Less Downtown traffic. Difference in cost minimal-$57 m seems excessive at that cost not sure what support there will be.

Less traffic-Less crowding of students. Easier access to school.

For the same reasons that you bought the property & have listed. The need for future growth.

To me what the statement says is there is room for extension.

Because you already have the land. More space for growth.

Take advantage of Walmart's money as much as possible! We need it. But what about the 39 acres woodland just bought? They can put it all there, plus a swimming pool. Earn some of their money back! The high school track, park & pool. That is a lot of acreage!

Room for expansion.

Too crowded-no parking at existing site and Woodland is only going to continue to grow.

With a new Wal-Mart more students are going to be moving to Woodland. We need a bigger and better school.

Location-Traffic congestion is a big problem at current site.

B/C we need it.

Why would anyone build on a site with no plans for the future  .Are we assuming the future won't come?

It's all about thinking of the generations to come.. Great location-can't imagine building anywhere else-please don't build on existing site!!! Short term sacrifice-long term gain.

More local jobs. Future expansion. More options for athletic/play fields. Improvement overall community. It should be built on the new site. Better traffic flow, too.

The traffic would be away from town.

Plan for the future not the present.

The high school should be separate of elementary and middle school. Plus there will be more room to expand.

New-and room for expansion is needed.

Much better expansion possibilities. Better traffic flow.

Updating an old high school is still an old high school-also no more expansion. Something new-can design however-expansion-not super thrilled about proximity to I-5, but existing site not much better.

Expansion possibilities-not much price difference & you have a new facility. What happens to old facility if you build a new one?

Ease congestion during peak traffic times downtown. Provide potential for close-in renovation.

Features listed outweigh existing site.

Traffic control. Old High School could be renovated into new library/community center.

It allows room for expansion.

I would like to see all school locations, located as far away from railroad tracks as possible. I can't believe how many schools are next to the tracks. It is unsafe, noisy and potentially dangerous.

The old site would then be available for expansion/updates of school district.

It separates high school students from younger students.

I feel that any reduction to the current traffic flow problem would be beneficial.

The old site would be too limited for future growth.

Room for future expansion for all grade levels.

Eliminates all the ugly dysfunctional (hopefully gets natural light) room to expand and ends town traffic & crummy parking.

Expansion for new students.

Probably more parking and possible room for expansion.

The traffic congestion in downtown is the main reason. However, I also worry about the safety of children near Walmart & freeway.  My children will be out of school by then, but wonder how long it will be before this one is outgrown w/ the constant growth of the Hispanic population!

Space for future expansion.  Keep bus facilities on same site where it is.  Traffic flow-for buses & students & staff out of the way.

You have the land. Lets make something nice & new instead of making the same building over! Lets grow. Class of "75"

Need more room to expand.  Help traffic congestion at existing site.  If you build at existing site, very limited room for fields, etc. Plus if enrollment increases you have nowhere to expand.  You will be right back where you are at now, costing taxpayers more money in future.

Woodland needs more facilities, fields, to keep up w/ needs of community and future student population.

Moves it out of down town. Easier to access, more room for expansion. School needs new buildings, not revamped. The cost difference isn't that much. Woodland Students deserve the best-do it right!

Kids can have a bigger school & it will be out of downtown. Less congested. It won't be a rat race. Less accidents.

If "they" make it a closed campus. Traffic flow & future expansion.

The kids deserve a new facility with room for expansion and more play fields. Also, better traffic flow downtown.

Make room, alleviate traffic in town. We have already purchased the property.

Better access, future growth, more room.

Eventual increase in high school enrollment.

I've taught in 5-6 High Schools over past 9 yrs as a sub.  Woodland is the most crowded w/ kids eating lunches on floor in hallway. Shouldn't tie up downtown Woodland w/ traffic at 3:15pm and land is available.

More parking for events. No portables. Leaves existing site for Middle School classrooms and events.

Building on new site-brings new gym etc. To do this on present site would be ridiculous. Both locations on flood plain. Neither is good.

I feel Woodland is just going to keep growing therefore the Dike Access site makes more sense !Just need to get it done!

1)Allows for future expansion. 2) Dike Road property value will increase.

More room-more access for busses, leaves room for Middle School expansion.

We need a 2 level building.

We need to make sure we build a new one because we need the current high school for middle school space.

Local access is better for us (live close to Dike Access exit 21) & seems there would be better expansion capabilities.

More room for expansion. Less traffic congestion in town when student dismissed.

Because we already own the land and we need more room.

We need to accommodate for the number of children that will be joining the District. Numbers increase not decline.

The School District needs to act based on a long term vision and needs. The Dike Access Road site has long term advantages.

Because it would be more cost effective and would be room for growth of student population.

I believe there is more room for activities, building and parking at the new site.

We need to grow Woodland and a new school on BETTER land & location is the BEST choice.

Room for expansion, room to expand existing Middle School. Frees up downtown traffic.

We will need separate buildings for Primary, Intermediate, Middle & High schools.  Woodland will soon be the size of Battle Ground-we need more room for our children!

More room, better traffic flow. My kids are Chumbleys and it would be neat to have a school on what used to be their grandpa's land.:)

More room for future expansion. Improved traffic flow.  Future athletics & play fields.

Due to the existing traffic congestion, the school should be out of its present location.

We need room to grow.  The community as a whole is in need of a larger site.

Only makes sense, more room, better space & you need the old site to enlarge the Middle School. Was already approved & should have been already started.  Not that much more money or time than old site.

We are busting @ the seams NOW and "remodeling" our old school will cause more problems. Make it a closed campus.

Location allows the school to expand in the future.

Room for future expansion; remove traffic congestion from downtown!!

Future expansion-room to grow, traffic congestion on existing site already. *Do not listen to Walt Hansen

Woodland is growing and will continue to grow.  We need proper facilities with room for growth, i.e.-swimming pool, auditorium, sports fields, parking lots.

Because I believe that Woodland's population warrants a place we can grow and expand.

Kids need the play fields for sports and if or when the City grows larger we could still us the field for temp classroom buildings at the current site.

Cost is close to the same. Relieve traffic congestion in town.

New foundation is better.

Better learning facility-for the future of Woodland children.

Lots of room to build on. Need more sports ground (football). Build "ASAP"

And the property currently under construction should share costs. As originally agreed in 2006-07.

The town is growing and we are getting more children.  And the school is getting smaller. We need more room for the kids.

More room for expansion. Can use previous site for middle & elementary school & keeps athletic fields. Thanks for asking.!

This area is growing and in 10-20 yrs the school may have to double its size. Impossible at the old location.

We must plan for 50 yrs down the road. Site has room for athletic fields and perhaps more land could be made available if needed for future expansion. Most of the bets HS campuses are not in downtown areas. Don't let the gray beards dictate where the HS site should be. i do not have kids in your schools but would support a school built where there is room for expansion.

It's best for the young men & women to be separated from the younger children. If they are in their own area there won't be so many conflicts.

Future expansion potential for long range planning. Traffic flow to/from school. Do it soon. Bond rates are low and the more people you can put back to work now the better for Woodland.

The cost & time frame is similar. It will be less disruptive- think it's better for the high school to be separate from the younger kids.

Too many (neg.) to stay on current site.  No expansion for athletics & activities-Let's look to the future. Plus traffic is a mess!

Space for future expansion in new high school and for future expansion at the old schools.

A new high school would be more beneficial to Woodland. The old high school is outdated. An updated facility would be a better improvement. I think the kids would be more excited to come to a new updated school. I have a 6th & 8th grader who say they would like a new high school to go to. Thank you!

The high school should be on Dike Rd. This will give less congestion downtown at the other schools.

The limiting of the fewer athletic & play fields is an issue, & I believe construction would create more time than estimated if built on existing.


Easier access, more opportunities for kids to find PT after school jobs.  FREE up land in town for expansion of elementary & MS

For future expansion as necessary & reduce the ridiculous traffic flow that exists now at the current site.

More room for athletic resources & growth. (You should go for re-bid because costs have decreased significantly in last 2 yrs.)

This will allow for future expansion and the cost differential is minimal (4%?)

It allows for expansion of not only high school but middle school & primary school in future. Also separates the traffic flow for all 3 schools.

Future growth-reduces traffic impact-more out door activity potential-less schedule conflict of facilities. The costs scare the voters.

current site: Do Not Build: You end up having to build a new middle school and end up with an out of date high school that lack adequate space for parking & athletics. Dike site: Adequate traffic space.  Can have a facility with updated technology, new core facility, room for growth. New gym space and room to add new performing arts center when we can afford it. For a little more money, we get a lot more facility.

The new site can be added to and will be up-to-date. Old site has been maxed out for changes. Small/cramped.

Best plan for future district growth!

More room for future expansion. 

The existing soils analysis favors this site!

Future expansion, cost-sharing, traffic flow. Just a more logical choice.

School is growing out of current building and it would relieve some congestion through town.

We just moved to Woodland two years ago. No kids. But would like to see Woodland continue to grow. No better way than to have a new high school in a new area with room to grow.  Also a great sport facility will attract people.  I like that Woodland is expanding towards the Dike Access.

current site: Building new school on site will cause displacement of kids/community, Relocation of Bus garage, limits facility use! No room for expansion! Dike Access: Updated state of the art facility, room for expansion, easier access. No renovation and less upkeep of facilities!

So there is room for expansion at a later date.

Room for expansion. Relieves some downtown traffic.

Looking to the future it makes sense to plan for growth.  However, what are the plans for the old school-what will it cost in addition to the cost of building the new school?

Because Woodland is growing.

Just the lesser of 2 poor choices-wish we had something else-up river(?) near the Intermediate-away from retail and heavy traffic.

Room for expansion.

Need room to grow-traffic issues are better-

Woodland is growing fast, and our students need a constructive environment. I'm for building a new school, but not at Dike Rd. Maybe somewhere else, such as the 26 acre field on Atlantic Ave?

More room for expansion and better for traffic.  More jobs for community. Let's keep our athletic and playing fields.

Traffic flow and space for future expansion.

The cost for new school is not a lot more than to redo existing. And the longer we wait, the more expensive it will be-am interested in combining 2 or 3 town high schools.

Outgrowing schools. Need more gym & field space.

Easy Access, room for expansion.

Mostly for growth. Woodland will get bigger and planning for that is needed.

I think it would solve traffic problems. It would be disruptive to the students to build on the current site.

Room for future growth-prefer location out of downtown are.

The energy efficiency of a new building would be best. Renewable energy could be designed in even if not installed.

Building a brand new site isn't that much more $$ than if we used the current site & it allows for future expansion if needed later.

The positives outweigh the negatives of building there and always there is a need for expansion.

Less traffic congestion. Room to grow, good location.

By doing so, traffic congestion will lessen greatly. This site provides for better planning of school facilities.

Would like to see current high school land used to upgrade the Primary & Middle Schools which are way too small.

I assume that the existing high school site will be used by the middle school.

Long term-future growth-Infrastructure is being built now! Less congestion!

About the same cost & more room for accommodating students & expansion.

More room and better for traffic.

I favor the new site because of future expansion possibilities, because I believe Woodland will continue to grow. Also, I do not like the idea of fewer sports fields.  For a project of this size, the cost difference is negligible and I have never heard of the cost of replacing the current bus garage.

Options for future expansion

More area for physical activities. Maybe a pool?

We must prepare for future expansion. The current high school site is a "bottleneck" limited on every side.  Please allow for expansion in this new site.

More accessible site.  Don't crowd town like it presently does with traffic, only going to get worse over the years to come.

Room for growth less disruption to current students.

More room to expand. Hopefully, have a closed campus. End some of the traffic nightmare on Goerig Street in the afternoon.

The very reasons stated for outweigh the current site-It's time!

Sounds like a new school would be better option. My only concern is living near this new high school. This will increase traffic through our quiet country area. As long as the high school students are respectful of speed limits and respectful to neighbors, I'm okay with this choice.

We need more athletic fields not fewer. Also, we can use old facility for younger kids schools, etc.

I can't imagine doing anything less-especially if we are going to think "long term". Also building turf fields for soccer and football.

Room to expand. Build for future.

Room for expansion.

I feel  this would give both the middle & high school more long term growth.

Allows for expansion/remodel of middle school

Woodland keeps growing. 10 yrs from now there will be room for additional facilities/fields. Frees up current site for growth in the lower grades.  Both sites will allow for future expansion.  Will eliminate future litigation/re-hashing of same old problem.

Room for expansion. You must think beyond a few years.

Space for future. Think down the road.

More room to expand. Less traffic congestion at existing site.

Existing site is too crowded.

Relieve vehicle congestion.

Traffic the big one, plus kids on bikes. (We do have a bad intersection!!!)

I don't see the point in building on the present site because of the limited space to grow.  As more people move to Woodland, we will need more space.

A bigger, updated, spacious building is needed.  Smaller class sizes also, so our kids get more one on one help.  Update Middle School (old building) for same reason.  No more together for all grades 7-12. SEPARATE BUILDINGS!

Woodland is growing, we need a school that's able to expand with growth.

Do it right the first time-With room to grow for the future! (It will probably be cheaper in the long run.)


I foresee a lot of future growth & we need more room for expansion.

Room for expanding.

Easier access/room for growth

More room for growth. Less traffic through town.

More room for sports, expansion, access & safer for students.

Get school traffic out of downtown. Dike Rd is a great location.

Planning for the future seems like a better choice than playing catch up w/out options.

Do it right the first time. There is no more expansion room where they're at if it's put there.  And we need a long-term plan.  The extra cost is small in the long run.

Growth in Woodland is important & planning for it is necessary.

The current campus is so crowded with students-plus traffic is a mess.  Woodland is growing and needs to spread out. If high school is built on current sites I sure hope the land at Dike Access is held onto for future use.  There is no other land for future building!

Relieve traffic congestion downtown. More chance of further growth.

The existing option is too much $$ spent on adapting a campus that would be cramped.  Spend the money to do a great campus that fits future & ongoing needs instead.

More room for full additional facilities & allows more room for future growth & better parking and access.  Also, less issues w/ potential soil problems like liquefaction, etc.

More room for expansion. Use old building for growth as well.

Gives space for MS expansion to 3 grades (6-8) and ease traffic congestion.

Need new buildings! Need more athletic and play fields!

Room to expand and doesn't clog up downtown.

Try going to the bank or library between 2:45pm & 3:30pm & you will know why.

Because there's more space and the football players can still play.

It makes the most sense in the long run.

Minimize traffic impact of current school. More room to grow for both schools in future.

Land already purchased.  Traffic after school at present site a nightmare.

Help eliminate downtown traffic issues. Leave existing athletic fields intact. Room for inevitable growth.

Expansion possibilities for the middle & high schools.*Need more soccer fields.*

Better traffic flow-more options for future upgrades.

Allows for future expansion & re-routes traffic.

It seems that the cost estimates are relatively close and the option down the road to expand would be worth it.

More room for expanion; doesn't take over sports fields; would divert some of the traffic away from downtown before & after school.

It's not that much more expensive and the old high school could be used by the other schools to expand.

I think the current location is too crowded & congested. I think a new location & new building will enhance students ability to learn.

Traffic in the city is already bad during school commute hours. Separating the HS Campus from the others will provide long term relief.

More parking, new football fields. Better for traffic problems.

Existing: No. Without future expansion options-makes no sense! Relocating busing facility outside Woodland is also a big loss to community. And FEWER athletic! Dike site: (1) Expansion for future! (2) Need larger site option which this has (3) Cost & time estimates are so close, this option makes sense! Dike Road option is the only option for future growth (which will come). Don't build a new school that is NOT adequate for the now and future!

Location wth more room for growth & away from MS.

Have room for buses-room for as Woodland grows-traffic flow for students-staff & visitors out of state wanting to settle in NW of State.

Need ability to grow in the future.

Facilities need to be updated-Comp. access, etc. We need more athletic fields.  Woodland will continue to grow.

Woodland will only be getting bigger. Planing for the future growth now is smart.

Prefer Current HS Location n=170

Better location than Dike Access Rd. That's a terrible location.

I request that the Woodland High School (new one) should be built on existing site as with Walmart coming in on Dike Access Road and the new Tire Store, there will be quite a traffic jam.  Some High School Students are known to run through big stores when they get out of school. Thank you.

I support the idea of expanding our existing campus.  I do not like the idea of my children across the street from a major retailer and right next to I-5.  I urge you to consider building a sports facility over off Dike Access perhaps a Stadium that could be shared by our neighboring towns. Thanks for considering my opinion if you would like to discuss it personally, let me know.

What's wrong with the school you have. Do a little remodeling and keep it where it is.  This are is too congested with WalMart going in and a lot of businesses with truck traffic. Lots of high school kids drive to school. This is in flood plain and not a good area. Things are still in a slump and lots of people not working. I live on soc. sec. and no raise again and enough to pay taxes now.

The move out of the current location will result in a plastic institution. No history.

Using what is already there, we could add a 2nd level similar to the Intermediate School Building. The traffic in the Park St area won't be affected as much as Dike Rd area. Can you see a high-schooler waiting for the trucks to get thru the round about? Please consider a 2 level building adding to what is already a good base.

Who likes to go to work in dump? People work, learn and get along better in a nice new building. Just look at the new Hockinson School.

You didn't mention traffic or flooding on the Dike Access Site.  We like lower operating costs of the existing site.  Thank you for asking.

You already have the ground build there. Less cost, build up more room.

Cost, convenient, bus barns moved to other property. (The other choice)-no, too much traffic.

Ex. Location has infrastructure to encourage walking & biking to school. It's unlikely the SD will build what's missing to get  to the new site.

Not by Walmart!

Reuse what you have. Reuse all furniture & anything you can from old school. Don't allow crews to throw out desk, chairs, lockers that can be reused. Just that can save a lot of money. In these times, everyone should be aware of using what you have already.  It helps the planet as well-not only teaching the kids to recycle & save money.

Every person must learn to be frugal & use what you have.  Everything usable from the old school should be kept. Desks, chairs, etc. I saw a Evergreen school throw out perfectly good furniture just so they could get new. It is very frivolous. Be concerned about cost & use what you have.  New is not always better!

Don't build a new school. Rebuild the old school in sections, 2 story better use of current property to double capacity of campus would be supported. Such uncertain times voters won't support the huge cost. Pay for property first. Hold onto the site for long-term expansion.

Traffic flow, more room to add on later. More athletic fields.

Too much wetland on the other parcel. Good place where it's at.

Keep the School out of the industrial area.

Why is a new building needed? Make a case for it. $56-$58 million is too much money with out solid logical reasons and I have not heard one.

The present site has the ball fields & gyms and theater plus Commons-plus the Fleetwood Property could be added if needed for room. Dike site-no, too much bussing & wear & tear on buses. No more taxes (please).

Possible. Dike site-no. you don't want school to be established on 3 different areas. School Board missed it about 6 yrs ago on purchase of property.

There is still usable land, plus it would be easier to relocate ball fields & bus garages. A problem with proposed new site would definitely be flood and sewer problems. Also more encroachment on wetlands  and farm space. School buildings can go up as well as out.

Just makes better sense al around. Reuse and share what you already have.

Because it should NOT go on the Dike Access site.  Build 2 or 3 story buildings to save room!

Safer & more convenient for children. Keeps focus on old town. Less expense on bus costs. No railroad crossing. More focus on education-use current sports facilities, close to residential homes. Option-Trade "Bottoms" property for "Fleetwood" site for more room!

No wetlands mitigation. Kids and easier access to freeway isn't a good mix! Better to keep them in town.

Lower cost-no wetlands mitigation-not as much site preparation-Let's improve what we have already.

More centralized school location. May get good return on investment with sale of Dike St. Property.


"Cost" Best to keep schools together. So move bus barn, less cost. No wetlands. Building new school will run into problems cost will go up-new sewer pumps will need replacing. Any way at old site properly tell the whole story.  If new football fields are needed, put them elsewhere-less cost than building schools. We send our kid to school to learn to make it in this world. Not to play sports!

Less money, less time, more "green", better location, more kids can walk to school and with things changing so much, who knows what the future of public education will look like. More kids might learn online at home & the need for more space or "expansion" may never be an issue!

Economy, access to Primary School for student mentoring, existing facilities to share.

Takes less time/money to build. Area is best location for children.

Keeps school & educational activities together & kids from retail are & drug dealings.

Traffic problems. We already have enough maintenance to spread out.

Have you considered remodeling and adding a second story?

I would never vote to put high school students next to a busy Walmart & narrow Dike Rd. Whose big idea was it to buy that property in the first place?

Truck traffic in the Dike Access Area would be very dangerous-kids would have to be on the bus too long. Why not build up? The Intermediate School seems to be doing ok with 2 stories. That won't require using the space of any sports fields or bus garage.

To protect wetlands and keep high school students away from Walmart.

Less time involved, less cost, less & lower operating costs. Not necessary to be near new retail stores as mentioned.  Need to learn to conserve.

Much easier to sell to Woodland citizens because you are expanding current facility.  Current facility too small and not safe. Needs update.

Not cost effective to bus kids to multiple sites.  Maybe the school board should have asked us about purchasing the property.

It's better to have the school close together-for busing for siblings, for economy.  The Intermediate school is a hassle for transportation.

Move bus garage.

Bldg on existing site-move the bus barn down to the Dike area.

Cost. Keep central facility. Decreases transportation cost by bus and private. Move bus garage now and eventually sports facilities to Dike Access.

I am the second house on Robinson Rd. We do not need anymore traffic than Walmart!

It would be a huge mistake to build in an area that gets flooded every 50 yrs or so- possibly more with global warming.  We can't afford to spend anymore than strictly necessary with the economy the way it is.  I like living close to the current school site.

It would be a waste of educational $$ to pump into mitigation costs on the Dike Access Rd site.

Yes! Existing site. No schools next to Walmart!! Access to local services, move the bus barn to Fleetwood site.

Safety & efficiency. I can't believe you spent the money to purchase the new ground when you already have space at the existing site.  If you would pretend for een a short while that the money you're spending was your own you would realize what a pain in the ass it is to truck the children up river to the Intermediate School.  Now think about how efficient it will be to add a third location! If you think sending this short survey will buy you the support for your next bond measure, think again. You could have for a little more money, sent a survey with lots of questions so you could find out why the community won't support the bond measure when most districts passed last year.  Is it because the administration doesn't want to know the truth, because it hurts or does it point to the fact that they simply KNOW BETTER than the community?

Fiscally smarter.

All the schools are in one area. Less transportation costs. The longer you put off the more it costs, so get in gear!

Remodel & add to the school. Sell the land you have and put that towards the school. Save some money.

Better transportation options and value of Dike Access Rd has increased. Sell Dike Access Rd property.

You need to use what you have. Few have extra money to help you.  Don't add more tax to us right now. Dike site: no way!

There is a lot of space (unused) at the present site-the bus barns could be moved.  Dike site: not really

However, we will not vote for any more school bonds until bullying is stopped in Woodland Public Schools and the resolution is communicated to the public.

It keeps the schools together and old town more alive. Dike site: it's in the flood plain and the commercial area. That area is for businesses. Can use the property on Dike Access Road for bus storage. Could go from there to all schools on other routes other than having to go through stop signs at 503- I-5

It will help to keep nearby downtown business area alive and will keep more money in the community fi we can make it more inconvenient for students to shop at Walmart.

Because it's not in close proximity to Dike Rd. retail stores; students are supposed to be studying, not shopping.  If there's not enough room for athletic fields, put them on Dike Access Rd.

Lower costs, less interactions with industrial area, less traffic, no hang-outs @ Walmart.

It is not good to build in a  wetland so there can be flooding problems and we don't  think being near to Walmart is a plus.

Use existing site & sell the other site to off-set the cost of the new school.

Better for environment (no wetland issues, more students walking vs. driving) faster, cheaper. *Further from I-5* = les convenient drug/sex trafficking.

I like to see the school all together. Put the Bus garage somewhere else.

Smart move-sell present investment on Dike Rd to help to pay for new high school bldg.

Build only for short term temp use. Do only necessary term construction and temp expansion.

Bus service!!! Why haul the kids all over!!!!!

Some of what is needed is already there, less cost and best location.

Resell property on Dike Rd for retail use and profit-no wetland problems & KWRL is going to move anyway, they need more room. Use Kalama Fields.

Lower operating costs. No wetland mitigation. Keeps a neighborhood environment feeling for students.

Why waste money on extras that will only cause more issues.  Save & use the $2.15 million to create work here in town.

Cheaper to run school with less sties. Closer for students-less money.

It's in town for emergency vehicles and not in flood zone. Dike Site: no. I've seen water 20' deep in that area (1948).

A high school does not need to be near retail stores!

But I am convinced it can be done for much less: The Quoted cost differences do not make sense.

Lower cost to build, lower maintenance cost.

I believe the best location is in town. The Dike Access could be a nightmare and I am concerned about losing wetlands.

It  not close to store!! Dike Road is not a good place for high school.

In this present stagnant too failing economy, building a new high school is not feasible, but if I was to pick a site, it would be the present one. The cost over run on the Dike Rd. Site would be enormous due to the "wetland" issue; the county would hold the project up for years...

Lower cost, shorter time frame. Build 2 or 3 floor complex with parning on roof. Small footprint with room for sports complex. Sell new high school property on Dike Rd.

It would be the best way to spend our tax money. Not a flood area. Away from Walmart. Keep our downtown alive.  What's wrong with 2-story schools to take up less land?

I do not like the Dike area for a high school; It is too isolated.

Wetland mitigation off-site road improvements will increase cost!

use existing  land and preserve farmland!

Ask the city to rezone new location c-z and sell it! Reinvest proceeds to build new school on existing location.

The other property is on wetlands & a multi-story bldg could be built on existing property and it'll retain fields use!

The price is ridiculous! Try using non-union labor for a change!

I feel the Dike Access Road site is too close to all the Industrial area and too close to retail stores not safe for high school kids.

more cost effective & bussing

It seems more reasonable. Students do not need to be close to retail stores.

more cost effective & bussing

No wetland issue & less operating costs.

Should be more efficient! Is there room for addition to Intermediate School?

Costs less. Not wetland tampering.

Lower cost.

It only makes sense to keep it in town.  Why build in industrial area. (The there's more busing.) Need to build within reason.  55.8 million is ridiculous. We don't need to compete with the state of art schools.

KWRL is moving so there will be room.  Stadium is already established on current grounds.  Dike Access property about the close proximity to freeway & easy access to it by students. I am concerned about drugs along the I-5 corridor which will be easier to access by students. You will have to have a security fence & heightened security with a closed campus. Also wetlands run right through Dike Access property, will be mitigating water constantly in heavy rains.

Cost less.

Less cost to build school and will save bus transportation cost. Sell Dike Rd property-purchase Fleetwood property.

Less expensive. Keep the building simple. Not fancy like the "I" school. Dike site: bus garage-smaller footprint, buses from RLK won't have to go through downtown.

Makes sense. Why scatter a school here and there!

A "good plan" is better now, than a "perfect plan" a week from now!! George Patton

Surely there is 40 acres or the amount of needed land in Woodland that would be appropriate for a high school. I strongly oppose a school on Dike Access Rd. Students do NOT need to be near shopping areas.

With Walmart and industrial area-con. Would be a nightmare. Cost is a factor as well.

Take advantage of what ever you can do -on site.

Cost less, less time to develop. Should come with 2 story. Cost of wetlands to mitigation traffic flow and time to bus t and from other school's.

For 2 million I think it's a better deal allowing growth to the lower grades-I just don't want to see tons of money spent on fancy architectural specialties that the kids don't care about. I say keep it simple!

The cost is less and the high school does not belong in an industrial are or next to Walmart.

Because the stadium & ball field is in this location.

Less isolated and safer, more populated w/ homes; More community oriented location, close to downtown, library, theater, parks. Promotes sharing city property  such as parks, parking, bus storage, bloodbank & nursing home for community service.  Should co-exist. Dike site: No-too remote & will be too congested w/ Walmart & Industries. Too separated from other community advantages such as the downtown, library, theater, parks. Why wasn't the bare land along Atlantic & I-5 considered (between Tsugawa & gas station)?

In case you are not aware, large holes were discovered by the contractor when building the Walmart on Dike Access Rd site. Lots of rock had to be hauled in to fill the holes before they could continue.

Will be less expensive.

It's not next to Walmart. Close to library. No wetlands mitigation.

Already have stadium/track lower development & maintenance costs.

Using the existing site already has most of the infrastructure-Best use of funds.

Keeps busing costs down. Easy to use sport fields. Keeps campus in town. Near current or new library.

I don't like disturbing wetlands when other property is available. Athletic fields can be elsewhere. Lower costs. Kids & Walmart-just don't need to be together.

Less money, less time, use of current bldgs, no wetlands. Little to no prep siting like other. Dike site: Too many $$, wetlands, too many possible  problems w/ the commercials (bad combo) right there & HS kids (Traffic esp.) Sell the Dike Rd acres. Suggestion: Purchase the old Fleetwood complex & move the bus facility there.

I think kids need to be together in case of emergency. How do parents ge all their kids gathered up at 4 or 5 different schools?

No abandoned buildings to deteriorate and have inner city blight. (New schools always cost more than projection; school boards always ask for another levy/bond. NO MORE!) Live within your means. Be grateful for what you've got!

Rising transportation costs mean scattering schools is fiscally irresponsible.

I strongly disagree with having a High School located right by a freeway & Walmart and straight stretch of road.  I feel it's extremely dangerous for our kids.

There are too many potential cost over runs with building away from the existing site.

Property in nearly developing commercial business would have higher value to community if used for commercial purposes instead of education.  Reusing existing facilities is a great thing, too.

I like the current site in town. That's all I can say.

No wetland mitigation & cost. 2 million less.

I feel it would be less expensive & not so apt to flood.

Bring in temp module and build up w/ structural support for more growth.

Keeps teenage drivers away from the industrial/commercial traffic. There is plenty of space to expand the existing site.

Cost. No Walmart next door!

Keep schools in one location-cost administration and bus expense-doesn't need to be in the industrial and heavy traffic area.

Keeping the students closer will save o bussing expenses.

Sale Dike Access land to help pay for new school. It will have wetland issues! Let others deal w/ Army Corps.

Keep all the schools on one campus. Build bus garage on Dike Access Rd. Any loss of sports fields to build high school can be replaced at Dike Access Rd site.

It keeps the schools together. It's safer here. No people of Walmart here.  I don't care about sports fields.


It allows for expansion as the community grows.

Saving money must be priority one.

Less expense. Convenient. Historical. Already too much going on at Dike Access. Tempting to kids.  Or, add addition to existing school.* Make the school 2 story. It would take up less room. Put 9th 10th 11th 12th grades. Cheaper*  Build new elementary instead. Use existing building as part of high school or keep elementary. Not as costly as high school.

It would be cost effective & keep the teens from the traffic area.

 The bus facility is moving to La Center so you will have that land to expand on. The cost is lower. Lower cost for grounds maintenance is good and sharing existing facilities also a good thing.

I think it's a much safer place for the students and would be a better use for the money.

Location is central. Many can walk to & from school. Dike Road means all are bussed. Schools need to provide safe noise-free environments. Not the freeway, industrial and commercial distractions. It's all the above that also make it unsafe with traffic issues.

Start selling off frontage lots from the 40 acres & you will have most of the new school paid for .

All of the needed infrastructure is on site, no new athletic fields are needed, centralized facilities, no bussing issues, small town cohesion. Dike site: This property should be sold at the appropriate market time & funds applied to pay down the building debt.

Walmart & school= it doesn't add up. Existing site would only make sense.

Cost savings. Not good to have students near retail. Traffic issues also on Dike Access. Wetlands nightmare.

Less money. Better location. Better facility utilization.

Sell Dike Access land. Wetlands/Army Corp of Eng. Is not worried about how much it costs to jump through their hoops.

Money savings. Sell Dike Access Road site. Move bus garage.

We need more room to expand & more sports fields & gyms.

Existing or "Partially remodelling"-The theater is in excellent shape and might be fine to conserve. Other infrastructure for the school district might be in smaller or different lg. buildings and in the form of Transporation vehicle.(?) Dike site: The culture and aesthetics of Walmart & other new additions to the area of Dike Road has nothing to do with the historic values of the town of Woodland with the school & library in the center of town.  I am open to other ideas! The District has a rare geographicsite which the curriculum should capitalize on.

Should not take any more farmland.

The wetland and flood site is not such a great idea to me.

Access and cost. I also wonder has ther been any consideration of purchasing Fleetwood's property & selling the Dike Rd property?

More class in central location & a result of not 2 places to upkeep & maintain & less increase of st(?) off of 2 buildings. & Maybe move stadium & mabye some of the farming (?), mechanics (?)  (maybe they mean-greenhouses and metal shops ?)& est (establish ?) eventually to Dike Road & Bus Barn stuff.

I am in favor of using existing site.  The current high school is too crowded as is the middle school, too.  Cost will be less, less than (2 1/2 million) no money spent on wetlands or site preparation required.

Less expensive!

Lower cost.

A new facility will be constructed at modern standards & safer. Modern computer wiring.

I would hate to see all the schools be too far apart to lengthen bus rides.

Prefer Building a new high MIDDLE school on existing site.