2010-2011 Budget Workshop

The draft 2010-2011 budget has been prepared.  The purpose of this agenda item will be to do a detailed review of the budget plan.  Attached are several documents.  They may be presented in a different order than posted.

 As you are previewing the attached you should keep in mind that there are again larger than usual vairances from one year to the next between federal and state programs.  This is due to changes in the amount of AARA (Federal Stimulus) funding that we are receiving.

The last document attached is the actual F-195 document, that, when approved by the board, will become our next year budget.

The formal hearing and budget adoption will be scheduled for July 26th.

Attached Files:
10-11 F-195 BUDGET DOC .pdf 795 application/octect-stream
All funds.pdf 37 application/octect-stream
Budget Highlights.pdf 21 application/octect-stream
Budget Summary.pdf 15 application/octect-stream
Enrollment.pdf 23 application/octect-stream
Expenditure Comparison.pdf 46 application/octect-stream
Expend Revenue Summary.pdf 39 application/octect-stream
FTE Comparison.pdf 28 application/octect-stream
Revenue Comparison.pdf 34 application/octect-stream
Sources and Uses.pdf 26 application/octect-stream