ESD Contracts

Annually, the contracts with the ESD are reviewed and presented to the school board for approval.   The attached contracts for services have each been reviewed.  There are two changes from last year.


1) we have discontinued membership in the ESD 112 Transportation Coop.  KWRL will be handling all of this now.

2) we have dropped text notification from our Flash Alert Contract, as savings of $450.  This service can be provided free of charge through Twitter.


Administrative Recommendaiton:  Approve 2010-2011 ESD Contracts as presented

Attached Files:
Bridges Academy.pdf 1 application/pdf
Clock Hours.pdf 1 application/pdf
Coop Information Management Services.pdf 4 application/pdf
ESD Regional SPED Services.pdf 2 application/pdf
Graduation Alternative Program.pdf 2 application/pdf
Integrated Delivery Services.pdf 2 application/pdf
Re-Entry Program.pdf 2 application/pdf
School Announcement Network.pdf 2 application/pdf
Science Materials Coop.pdf 2 application/pdf
Youth Workforce & Truancy Project.pdf 793 application/pdf