Woodland School District Board Of Directors

Mon Oct 13, 2008
7:00:00 PM
District Meeting Room
Regular Meeting


  1. TEAM High School Improvement Plan
    TEAM High School is established under WAC 392-121-182 which requires, in (2)(g) an annual report to the Board.   The purpose of   this item is to fulfill this requirement and seek board approval for the ongoing work of this "School of Distinction."  Administrative Recommendation /MOTION/ I move we approve the 2008-2009 School Improvement Plan for TEAM High School.
  2. Recision of Resolution 2519
    At the September 22 regular meeting of the board the board, on recommendation of the Superintendent adopted Resolution 2519 which authorized implementaiton of a self-insurance program for employee vision benefits.  On October 8 the District Benefits Committee made the decision to stay with our current carriers.   Administrative Recommendation /MOTION/ I move we recind Resolution 2519.